High School English Teacher

I'm Danah Hashem, a reformed chemical engineer who, after a few years working in the biopharmaceutical industry, decided to pursue my lifelong passion for adolescent literacy and language arts education through the creation of dynamic learning communities. Since that time, I have earned my Master's degrees in English and Teaching from Salem State University and continue to pursue my scholarship in these fields.

Now that I've traded in my pipettes for pedagogy, my academic interests include digital literacies, multimodal composition, interdisciplinary writing, and rhetoric. My thesis for my Master's in English focuses on contemporary Middle Eastern women processing their wartime traumas through creative composition, which joins my love for multimodal writing with my background in Arabic literature and culture. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of developing scientific and technical writing skills in the language arts classroom.

My pedagogical stress on interdisciplinary writing stems not only from my background as a chemical engineer, but also from my experience with Salem State University's Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) program, where I worked to promote and facilitate the teaching of writing across the disciplines. My involvement with the WIC program required me to work closely with university faculty and graduate students to help provide the resources, guidance, and support needed to engender an institutional appreciation for the art of writing in any academic field. Working with the WIC program has equipped me with the tools and experience necessary to pursue what I believe to be the necessary integration of interdisciplinary writing education into the high school language arts classroom and larger curriculum. 

To see more about my teaching or academic background, please browse my site. If you would like to reach me with any additional questions, you can use my contact form or email me directly at danah.hashem@gmail.com.